Talking About Movies With Jesus

"This book is a joy to read. David Kirby is possessed of a limber, frisky, expansive intellect. His respect for digression and gracefully swerving rhetoric, his refusal to be high falutin , his perfect balance of reverence and irreverence, the delightful breadth of his frames of reference, his embrace of the simultaneously grave and comic and scintillating use of imagery make these poems a tribute to possibilities of human thought. With great unity of voice and spirit, the poems in Talking about Movies with Jesus zig and zag down the page, their mode of address engaging, meditative, encompassing all manner of contradiction, weirdness, and irony. Like the best personal essays, these poems loop and maneuver through the weighty and hilarious with an unerring sense of proportion, studded with delicious tidbits of music, religion, history, wit. Kirby is an invaluable postmodern flaneur of mind and heart."
        Amy Gerstler

"Reading David Kirby's poetry is like being at a really great party where people are smart and funny and sad and somehow made out of both real life and some Holy Spirit from outer space. When the poet Breyten Breytenbach talks about the importance of thingness in a poem, that our lives and the objects in them should be some of the blood that gives poetry life, he might as well just read Kirby aloud. Talking about Movies with Jesus is an exciting book by an incredible author. The poems not only make me want to talk to Jesus about movies but more than that, they make me wish I were in the balcony with David, watching the Marx Brothers or a Bergman film, eating licorice, throwing popcorn, doing what Kirby does: celebrating life!"
       Matthew Dickman

"Warm and funny, delightful and instructive, contemporary in his tone but classical in intention, David Kirby is the American Horace, dropping Little Richard into the mix with the likes of Achilles, or maybe dropping Achilles into the mix with the likes of Little Richard. This new volume Talking about Movies with Jesus (and there is talk here, and that talk is revelatory) presents us with an original poet at the top of his game."
        Josh Bell

"The first poem takes you backstage at a Little Richard concert and music pervades it: Bo Diddley, Sam and Dave, Gene Autry and Frederic Chopin. Kirby, a professor at Florida State University, writes poems that are approachable, and to use a title from an anthology he co-edited, seriously funny."
        Sadaah, Countdown at the Bookstore, December 28, 2011

"Kirby is a born storyteller adept with dialogue, arc, and recurring cast; these ebullient, rangy poems channel the energy of rock and roll, the wry humor of middle adulthood, and the curiosities of an inveterate traveler."
       Sandra Beasley, Chicks Dig Poetry, December 29, 2011

"The last day I spent in the library before the break, I looked through the shelf of new books and found a volume amusingly entitled Talking About Movies with Jesus by David Kirby. What I usually do is flip through the volume and see if any of the poems grab me. One did. It was this 'Be Not Inhospitable to Fat Babies,' which has pretty much summed up the holidays for me this year, the way I like to make faces at babies to make them smile when they’re stuck in a shopping cart or a stroller, the way so many people make fun of fat, the way my babies have become tall and grown up, the way us grown-ups are not 'exactly infallible,' and the possibility that death can be more than the unpleasant work of sloughing off the body."
        Necromancy Never Pays, January 3, 2012