Get Up, Please

"This new collection of poem will seem familiar to longtime Kirby fans; the long lines, the saw-tooth margins, and the wit sharp enough to slice a cantaloupe are all intact. Form and humor aside, however, some new tones have entered the equation that render the established form quite fresh. Much darker subject matter appears throughout the book, making Get Up, Please, at least in places, a much heavier read than previous Kirby collections. . . . Kirby, it would seem, is able to glean beauty, and inspiration, from a good many places. So instead of getting lost in the darkness, Get Up, Please could just as easily fall into the category of celebration."
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"As always Kirby is exhilarating about showing us small if consequential moments and the concreteness of things. . . . Accessible and fun." (Library Journal)

"Repeatedly, [Kirby] finds ordinary life things like encountering the usual assortment of neighborhood dogs blooming with significance because of the poem, the aphorism, the picture, the tune he brings to it. Seldom does art inform life, and life art, so rewardingly." (Booklist)

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